Tools & Consulting for the webMethods® platform

Tools & Consulting for the webMethods® platform

Easy CSV file handling for Integration Server

Defining the data structure for CSV file handling can be painful. This package for webMethods Integration Server will make your life a lot easier.

The webMethods Integration Server comes with powerful parser for flat files. It can deal with all sorts of formats, in particular EDI but also SWIFT. This flexibility comes with a bit of a price when you simply need to process a CSV file. For each field you need to specify the name and its relative position. This is tedious and, once you reach a certain number of fields, also error-prone.

But there is now a solution for you. The JT_FlatFile package from JahnTech automates that work. It parses the first line of your CSV file and creates all necessary definitions for the WmFlatFile package from it. And the best thing is that you not only save a lot of time during the initial work. But whenever something changes over the course of your project, you can re-create everything in seconds.

For a quick demo (incl. installation) please watch the video below.

If you need additional functionality, please open an issue in GitHub or drop me an email.

If you want me to write about other aspects of this topic, please leave a comment or send an email to The same applies if you want to talk how we at JahnTech can help you with your project.

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