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Understand the problem. Truly.

If you want to solve a problem, you must first understand it. What may sound silly, is actually more nuanced than people often realize. Here is a bit more detail on this and why an outside view is often helpful.

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CI/CD and change logs

If you release software multiple times a day, what does that mean for change logs? Here is my approach to convey relevant information to various target groups like end-users or sysadmins.

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WxConfigNG and containers

Integration with containers is one of the main differentiators of WxConfigNG. This includes the development side (incl. migration from traditional VMs) as well as the operations part.

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What is WxConfigNG?

Since the announcement of WxConfigNG as the new configuration management system for webMethods Integration Server, there was a lot of interest and many questions. This article will give an overview and more details will come soon.

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You are not faster with an 80% solution

If you ever wondered why cutting corners in software development quite often does not produce the expected benefits, this article is for you. It explains how some assumptions are false most of the time. And you can read about the overlooked implications.

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