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With more than 20 years of experience we help you to deliver webMethods® projects faster and at the same time in better quality.

Challenges we can help you with

We believe in meeting customers where they are. So here you find information on the areas where JahnTech has in-depth expertise. The intention is to make it easy for you to check that our offering fits your needs. We aim for returning customers and are therefore convinced this serves both sides.

Configuration management is much more than specifying  how to send out emails. It solves issues like

  • Self-service capabilities for the business for customization without IT
  • Migration to cloud-native architecture without the risk of a big-bang project
  • Single source of truth for data that are different per environment type (development vs. production), operating system, or time period (e.g. tax rate per fiscal year)
  • Compliance for change process on production systems

Solution architecture has a large impact on business agility.

  • Reduce the need to align development between business units
  • Improved scalability for better performance
  • Reduction of down-times
  • Easier changes to support business changes
  • Monitoring to anticipate capacity limits

CI/CD & automation reduce cycle time but also the risk of human error.

  • Fully automated deployments
  • Reduce risk of human error
  • Shorter on-boarding of new developers
  • Re-factoring with confidence
  • Shorter cycle-times for code changes

The over-arching theme from the details above is that we can help you to move faster and at the same time with less risk. This becomes more important by the day in today’s fast-changing world. And with the right approach, proven many times, it can become a reality for you, too.


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