Tools & Consulting for the webMethods® platform

Tools & Consulting for the webMethods® platform


Why these products?

Below you find the products we work with. They are the ones we are using to run our own business. They offer great functionality and value for money.

The other big advantage for you is that we know these products inside-out, because we work with them on a daily basis.

Can we help with other products?

There are other products we also have a lot of experience with. So please ask, if your preferred product is not on this list.


The document management and archive system we are using ourselves. Easy to use, flexible to customize, and efficient for operators.


The leading open source NAS that makes enterprise-class reliability and features available to everybody.

Ubiquiti and Unifi

Powerful network equipment that grows with your business. From WiFi access points to a huge selection of switches for various requirements.


The leading open source firewall. Whatever your requirements, pfSense is able to accommodate them.

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