Tools & Consulting for the webMethods® platform


Performance tuning for webMethods Integration Server

Having spent a lot of time with performance tuning on webMethods Integration Server, I wanted to share some thoughts here. They will equip you with a starting point and the flexibility to go wherever your project takes you.

Understand the problem. Truly.

If you want to solve a problem, you must first understand it. What may sound silly, is actually more nuanced than people often realize. Here is a bit more detail on this and why an outside view is often helpful.

One secret of good demos

Here is a short article on what I consider an often overlooked reason for how well software demos go and why you need to prepare hard.

My approach to customer value

Here is what I do for creating true customer value and how obstacles are dealt with. The approach is universal, simple, and powerful.

My approach to digitization

Digitization projects are challenging and often don’t meet the original expectations. In this article I explain how I approached such a project, using principles from agile software development. Those can easily be applied to the organizational side of the project as well and increase your chance of success considerably.