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Configuration Management

Update connection details for JDBC adapter on webMethods Integration Server

Connections to a an external database are mostly environment specific. So they must be adjusted whenever a new instance of Integration Server gets deployed. In some situations that can be done manually, in others automation is mandatory. The tool described here can do this for you and is ideal for use in a container scenario.

WxConfigNG and containers

Integration with containers is one of the main differentiators of WxConfigNG. This includes the development side (incl. migration from traditional VMs) as well as the operations part.

What is WxConfigNG?

Since the announcement of WxConfigNG as the new configuration management system for webMethods Integration Server, there was a lot of interest and many questions. This article will give an overview and more details will come soon.

Auditing for configuration management

Keeping track of changes is a critical functionality in every configuration management system. Not only for operational reasons, but also because there are legal requirements like SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) that require it. This article looks at different approaches to handle things.

My first experience with configuration management

It is the “early” experiences that often shape us. My first encounter with configuration management was, shall we say, challenging. It is the reason why I have spent so much time on this topic, which is only growing in importance with the Cloud.

Global values in configuration management

Global values are a common approach to address the requirement of sharing configuration across applications. But there are caveats and in some cases it is downright wrong. This article looks at the conceptual as well as the implementation side with a focus on webMethods Integration Server packages. Most aspects apply equally to other types of applications, however.